duffmansean said: yeah. i drank one of those a while back…. on an empty stomach…. lets say the floor was not where i remembered it being xD

oh no no, you hadn’t forgotten ——- you were just testing if gravity was still working, s’all!

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there’s a ballet on tv running in the background rn and they’ve been banging on tambourines for the past 15 minutes and it’s just awful but i can’t be bothered to get up and change the channel 

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Cisgender lesbian writes book about cisgender boy pretending to be a transgender man to sleep with a lesbian →


Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds, and this article can’t stop gushing about how ‘fresh’ and ‘interesting’ the idea is.

hot damn that’s an effective beer
a single bottle and my feet are tingling hah

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calzone w a bottle of 10.5% beer served in an heirloom beer mug
frick yeh

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why are anti-feminism and terf blogs in my recommended list

tumblr, get with the fucking program

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Darren Wilson supporters are the literal worst. 

HOLY. SHIT. I mean wow.

Fuck cops. Fuck that murderer. Fuck his supporters. Fuck white people.





grown. ass. men.

you scared she gonna strike out yr precious baby boy? OH TOO LATE.

they were doing a special on her on one of the news channels at the gym. i didnt have the headphones so i couldnt hear the story, but one of the photos they showed was of a little girl in the crowd holding up a sign that said “I want to throw like a girl.” For every pathetic, insecure grown man who is threatened by this amazingly talented girl, hopefully there is another little girl who is inspired. But that she has to put up wit this kind of abuse even though she is OBJECTIVELY the best pitcher in the league right now and can throw a ball SEVENTY MILES PER HOUR is absolutely uncalled for. She is truly phenomenal, and those dads can all go eat shit and live

Go on with your bad self

I love that, in a brief interview I got to see, she stated that her main goal was to have more girls play ball so that “we could maybe get our own locker room.” Like, that’s all she wanted, and then she went back to talking about how winning is a TEAM effort and that the reporter should interview the rest of the team, too.

kinda ridic how calzone has become my go-to food when i need something easy but filling, considering i feared how difficult it was in the past

hahahahahhhh sure am glad i was wrong

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transgender garbage takes picture with transgender garbage. onlookers are confused





A different kind of cissexism.

jesus christ this. this so much.

I actually cut ties with someone over this.

I hate this shit.  When people compliment me on my deep voice or some other stupid shit that no other man would get complimented on it’s a little obvious.